About Us

The Lufkin High School Alumni Association is something special. Established in 1985, the organization has experienced tremendous growth and now has an active membership of over 900. Everyone associated with Lufkin High School, past , present or future should take pride in the fact that the school is one among a very few in the United States which has a fully organized alumni association.

The idea to form an alumni association came in 1985 during a reunion for the classes of 1935-46. Spearheading the effort, Founder Annon Card decided to do more than mix and mingle. “We wanted to do something more permanent” As a result on October 19, 1985, at a general assembly meeting of the 12 classes, the Lufkin high school alumni association was established.

Since its formation, the LHSAA has made a total commitment to continuing education awarding 2,730 scholarships totaling $2,737,365 to graduates of LHS through 2021 for use at any college university or vocational school of their choice.

How do we do it? Through fundraiser’s, membership dues, the generous support of alumni and the community. Without each one, we would not be able to reach of ultimate goal of guaranteeing any LHS graduate who qualifies and desires to continue his or her education that the lack of money will not be the reason they are unable to continue their education.

Where do we go from here? The sky is the limit. We must continue developing new ideas such as the donating of $1000 to provide a scholarship in honor or in memory of someone.

But most importantly, we as an association must remember why we do what we do. Our alumni association is unique and strong. Thanks to the LHSAA there will come a time in the very near future when all Graduates of LHS who have a desire to further their education, will not be turned away due to lack of funds.

John & Annon

Coach John Outlaw and Annon Card at the LHSAA Golf Tournamnet